I began my career in the film industry over 20 years ago as a carpenter building sets for episodic TV and commercials. Set building led to mechanical and special effects, building practical props that could move or explode. From there I progressed into building miniatures. I led crews who created everything from buildings, to environments for lava to flow, and asteroids to destroy. I converted to digital effects as a compositor once the film industry transitioned to the computer. The path to becoming a visual effects supervisor was very natural having worked in so many different departments.

I have honed many skills through my previous experience, and am as comfortable in a cutting room as I am on set. Having worked directly with production for many years, I have grown accustomed to shepherding a story from a showrunner’s outline to final color grading. I have witnessed great shifts in technical approach which has culminated in my passion for Virtual Production. I helped produce the last Digital Day at the Directors Guild of America (October 2019) that brought the director, DP and VFX Supervisor of The Lion King to present their work to DGA members. I am excited to be a part of what comes next in visual effects.

Press:  Read an article about the in-house team I developed for Scorpion here.

Education & Associations: 

Art Directors Guild of America

Directors Guild of America

Carnegie Mellon University, BFA